Along the way, I realized that not everything I believe in could be right. As much as we are all passionate about endorsing what we believe in, there is a greater passion that is involved in admitting that we have erred. God’s grace in its fullest, may I say, is needed to stand up to the world and say that you have fallen short. Heresy in all its forms is the result of the contrary…someone’s not willing to budge, despite logic and commonsense proving otherwise.

I have erred in the below given articles.

1)  Necromancy (Communication With The Dead)

I had written in this article that the Prophet Samuel who appeared to King Saul and the witch of Endor was a demonic impersonation. I don’t believe that anymore, I now believe that it was the Prophet Samuel himself, simply because the Bible in  I Samuel 28: 15 names the entity as Samuel and not anything or anyone else.

2) Reversing Death (Cryonics) Posted: June 20, 2011

I had mentioned that in Genesis 3:6 Adam was not with Eve, while she was conversing with the serpent. I stand corrected on this, Adam was with Eve.

3) Created to be a ruler – Part 2 Posted: Nov 1, 2010

I have endorsed the Gap Theory in this article. My current take on this is that it is not biblically objectionable, but neither is it verifiable.

End Notes

Doctrinally, Christianity-the religion-today has become extremely pluralistic. You name it, and the clergy have differences among themselves on a vareity of doctrines. Differences are good, diversity is interesting, but pride kills.


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